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Covered by God

A nasty windstorm blew through our area a few weeks ago and left lots of damage. Many trees fell ...



Bridges fascinate me. Their strength and purpose intrigue me. Bridges seem to tell their story as...


Reverse the Curse

My wife makes incredible granola! She could actually sell the stuff and make a ton of money! She ...

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120 Chilvers Road, Chehalis WA 98532

Sabbath, September 6
8:30 am - Sabbath Breakfast Cafe 
9:30 am - Sabbath School 

11:00 am - Pastor David Glenn
No Fellowship Luncheon this week

We Want and need YOU 
in our New Pictorial Directory!
Thursday, September 4, 2:00--9:00 pm
A few appointments are still available.
CLICK below to Schedule

Chehalis Mountaineer Pathfinder Club
Registration Wednesday September 3  6:30pm
Fellowship Hall 


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