2009 Maranatha
Angol, Chile

March 17 - 30

Angol project description

Even though many of you can’t go to Chile and work on the church building project, there are ways you still can be involved. Below are some items that can be used by either the church or the school next door in Angol, Chile.

  • Still Needed for Angol Church Building Fund $1,000.00
  • Sponsor someone that wants to go.  $1,600.00
  • English Bibles for school English class. 60 @ $7.00 each $420.00.  We want to buy them so they are all the same.
  • English Steps to Christ 1 case @ $50.00
  • Children’s felts  
  • Communion set $150.00
  • Spanish Adventist books for school library. $12.00/set
  • Wire ties for rebar.
  • (13) Digital projectors (Purchase in Chile)
  •  (7) Computer printers (Purchase in Chile)
  • (40) Headsets with mike (Like you got with your cordless phone)
  • Any musical instrument.  (Look in your attic)
  • Science lab equipment.  (No explosives ;=())

A master list is posted on the church bulletin board.

If you would like to make contribution towards any of these items just write the dollar amount next to the item and then put the money in a tithe envelope marked Maranatha Chile. No name is needed on this list.