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March 23, 2010
Hola Moms & Dads,

You can all be proud of your kids. They are all working hard and have excellent attitudes. They have been a joy to have with us on this project.

Paige was feeling a little down this morning so she came back with those who brought out the lunches and rested this afternoon. I talked with her this evening, she said she is feeling better.

Alexis has been working on the job site but also as a dental assistant. She's not so sure about the latter. Blake has been helping everwhere but has taken on running the block and is doing very well. 

Joe has been helping everwhere also but the last couple of days I have been teaching him what little I know about laying block. He's picking it up really quick.

Tomorrow is a day off from work, we're going to a market a half hour away where they have many items made by the native people. We'll also have some time here in San Cristobal to go down town and see some of the old city. And we're not having breakfast until 8 am so everyong is happy.

Continue to pray for us, we have had a few challenges but things are working out well. I had wondered what everyone was going to do while here but with all that we have going we're not sure that we will be able to finish the building. But it does look like it will be really close. Vern Schwisow started working on pews today so we have one more thing to add to the doctor work and VBS and evening meetings.

Bonas noches,